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What if I don't see my listing?

These are the most common reasons why a listing may not be displaying. Please see if any of these apply to you and follow the suggestions.

If none of these apply to your situation, please contact our office: Let us know the MLS you are with and the ML# that is missing so we can investigate and fix the error.

If you see your listing but not the photos, click here.

Make sure the listing is "Active"?

AnnounceMyListing will only display announcements while the listing is "Active" in your MLS. Each MLS is different as to how they define an "active listing".


If your listing is in an "off-market" status, we hide your announcement. Off-Market status can include: COMING SOON, SOLD, PENDING SALE, EXPIRED, and CANCELLED.

Learn about how we manage inactive listings

Is the listing "private" or set as "Do Not Syndicate"? If so, change it to "public".

Some MLS systems allow you to create a "private" listing. Some systems require the broker to determine if they want listing data to be on an IDX feed from the MLS.

AnnounceMyListing can only receive data for listings that are "public" and set for syndication.

Make sure you allow your listing data to be shared. Contact your MLS if you have any questions on how to do this.

Is the listing newly added on the MLS?

We may not have your listing data yet if you just added it to the MLS, or if you changed it from an "inactive" status to an "active" status. This would include moving your listing from "Private" to "Public" as discussed above.

We do not pull data directly off your MLS database. Instead, we have access to your MLS's RETS server and sync data every three hours. There can be a delay between the time you make a change in the MLS and the time it gets to the RETS server.

It can take up to 6 hours for us to get new data. Please make sure that enough time has gone by.

Are you the "co-listing" agent?

Announcements are only accessed by the Primary Listing Agent. If you are a co-listing agent, you will not see the listing in your account.

We can only allow one agent access to the announcement. We can switch the listing into your account with the primary listing agent's approval.

Simply send us an email asking us to switch agents. Tell us the MLS you are with, the ML# that needs to be changed, and your Public Agent ID for your MLS.


Need help? Email: For faster service, tell us your AnnounceMyListing account number.



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